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Funstuff C-Wurf, DOB. 19.04.2013

1 liver dog, 3 black dogs, 2 black bitches, 1 liver bitch

Sire B Litter                                                               weightoverview

1 Funstuff Cold Cappucino-Latte „Cooper“
FCR 1594
lives with Ulli, Eberhard, Hanna, Lena
and uncle Flynn (Funstuff Blade-Runner) in Vienna
PRA/HC/RD/Gonio-clear 05/2014 Austrian Junior Champion pic
2 Funstuff Crazy Ristretto-Latte „Bandit“
FCR 1595
lives with Verena, Wolfgang and the kids in Vienna
HD-A, ED/OCD: 0/0 results pic
3 Funstuff Crispy Intenso-Latte „Lino“
FCR 1596
lives with Ulli and Rudolf in Gloggnitz
no health results results pic
4 Funstuff Cooling Choco-Latte „Choco“
FCR 1597
lived with Christian,  in Burgenland
Choco was put down on 02.10.2021 due to bone cancer
HD-A, ED/OCD 0/0
PRA/HC/RD/Gonio-clear 05/2014, ICAA affected 03/2019
ÖRC-Character Test
Basic Hunting Test
FCI Working Certificate
ÖRC Breeding Permission
5 Funstuff Cherry Chai-Latte „Yuno“
FCR 1598
lives with Tini in Vienna
no health results results pic
6 Funstuff Creamy Vanilla-Latte „Sheena“
FCR 1599
lived with Claudia and Tom in Ried and was one of our hopes for future „Funstuff“-generations, she left much too early on 31.03.2018 due to Leptospirosis tough she was regularly vaccinated
PRA/HC/RD/Gonio-clear 03/2014
Working Test E
ÖRC-Character Test
Austrian Junior Champion, Austrian Champion, Bundesjugendsieger 2014, VDH Europasieger 2015
7 Funstuff Cosy Cocoa-Latte „Phoebe
FCR 1600
lives with Jutta and Ivo in Mödling
PRA/HC/RD/Gonio-clear 05/2014 Basic Obedience Test (BH Prüfung) pic
SE U(U)CH NORD V-11 EUW-12 Caci’s Win-A-Latte NORD V-07 SE U(U)CH NO UCH Branchalwood Aylancoll GB SHCH Branchalwood Strathfinnan GB SHCH Kenjo Black Mark
GB SHCH Branchalwood Fionnlinghe
GB SHCH Branchalwood Benalisky Loch Na Keal of Glen Sheallag at Branchalwood
GB SHCH Branchalwood Isle of Gigha
Caci’s Cock-A-Doodle-Doo JWW-98 SE V-99 FI V-99 KBH V-98-99 SE U(U)CH NO UCH Caci’s Hell of A Lot NORD V-98 SE V-98 NO UCH GB CH Cariena’s Thirtyfour-Four
NORD V-96 DK UVH NORD UCH INT UCH Almanza Heaven Or Hell
JWW-00 SE U(U)CH LPI LPII NO UCH Caci’s Woodcock FI V-95 SE V-95 NO V-93 SE V-92 Int & NORD UCH SE JCH Almanza Emergency Brake
Branchalwood Keiss
ÖJCH Funstuff Bondgirl LPI LPII Engsboda Toulouse Lautrec S VCH SUCH FIUCH Almanza Napoleon Bonaparte NUCH NORDUCH INTUCH Comics Sergio Tacchini
S VCH NORDUCH Almanza Lapin Kulta
NORDUCH INTUCH Almanza Pleasure N’play NORDUCH Almanza Roundabout
NUCH Almanza Playing With Fire
ÖJCH ÖCH Neala’s Diamond Tinkerbell VDH/DRC CH Schwz. CH Tarpilens Sogno di Cioccolata JWW-98 SE V-99 FI V-99 KBH V-98-99 SE U(U)CH NO UCH Caci’s Hell of A Lot
Tarpilens Artemis
NT CH DRC/VDH CH Plainfire’s Kiss me Kate Camwood Quartermaster
CH Neala’s Jellyfish Kiss