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Funstuff L-Litter
DOB 18.07.2023
6 black boys, 4 black girls

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Pedigree         Sire – Svenny „CH Caci’s Just Need Sweets

After having had a really nice litter with her sister Kate „Funstuff High Five“ in summer 2021, we were planning a first litter with our lovely and sweet Zoey „Funstuff Hula Hoop“ in spring 2022. Unfortunately Zoey didn’t get pregnant then. As we are convinced about the combination, we decided to give it another try in 2023.

Svenny and Zoey met in „puppy business“ in May 2023 and all meetings went perfectly well. On 13.06.2023 the ultrasonography showed us that Zoey was in whelp! Funstuff L-Litter was born on 18.07.2023 as predicted.

I was lucky to judge Svenny „CH Caci’s Just Need Sweets“ the future dad of our planned litter at the World Dog Show 2021 where he impressed me with his nice temperament, correct construction and lovely movements. Thank you Daniel and Laura for letting me use your sweet boy and also thanks for the beautiful ad, Laura created for us. If you are interested in a puppy, please contact Claudia Berchtold.

Blue Boy „Funstuff Love Seeker“

Funstuff Love Seeker „Scotty“ lives with Michaela and her family in Germany ÖHZB FCR 3226

green boy „Funstuff Love Keeper“ – Ken

Funstuff Love Keeper „Ken“ lives with Mariolein and Paul in Luxembourg ÖHZB FCR 3227

yellow boy „Funstuff Love Hunter“

Funstuff Love Hunter „Tony“ lives with Christina and Alfredo in Switzerland ÖHZB FCR 3228

white boy „Funstuff Love Creator“

Funstuff Love Creator „Franz“ lives with Heike and her family in Germany ÖHZB FCR 3229

grey boy „Funstuff Love Lover“

Funstuff Love Lover „Buddy“ lives with Marie-Sophie and Martin in Franzen ÖHZB FCR 3230

boy without mark „Funstuff Love Bomber“ – Bobby

Funstuff Love Bomber „Bobby“ lives with Brigitte and her husband in Germany ÖHZB FCR 3231

girl purple „Funstuff Love Letter“

Funstuff Love Letter „Poppy“ stays here with us at Funstuff ÖHZB FCR 3232

pink girl „Funstuff Love Story“

Funstuff Love Story „Zoe“ lives with Rena in Greece ÖHZB FCR 3233

girl orange, „Funstuff Love Song“

Funstuff Love Song „Kali“ lives with Marion, Florian and their kids in Vienna ÖHZB FCR 3234

girl no mark, „Funstuff Love Poem“

Funstuff Love Poem „Nyke“ lives with Christina and her family in Erpersdorf ÖHZB FCR 3235