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Svenny X Zoey Litter plan

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Flat Coated Retriever litter planned for 2023

Svenny X Zoey Pedigree            Sire – Svenny „CH Caci’s Just Need Sweets

After having had a really nice litter with her sister Kate „Funstuff High Five“ in summer 2021, we were planning a first litter with our lovely and sweet Zoey „Funstuff Hula Hoop“. Unfortunately Zoey didn’t get pregnant then. As we are convinced about the combination, we decided to give it another try in 2023.

I was lucky to judge Svenny „CH Caci’s Just Need Sweets“ the future dad of our planned litter at the World Dog Show 2021 where he impressed me with his nice temperament, correct construction and lovely movements. Thank you Daniel and Laura for letting me use your sweet boy and also thanks for the beautiful ad, Laura created for us. If you are interested in a puppy, please contact Claudia Berchtold.