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Funstuff Flatcoats I-litter (6 black boys and 4 black girls) was born at Claudia’s house on 15.04.2019 in Ried im Innkreis (near Linz).

We are happy and proud that we were allowed to use gorgeous Romeo „Diamante Blue Nella Mia Stanza“ on our beautiful and clever girl Siiri „Funstuff Flip A Coin“.


boy, red mark Funstuff In the Bag „Falco“ lives with Sonja and her family in Tulbing, Austria ÖHZB FCR 2408
boy, orange mark Funstuff In Cahoots „Bamse“ lives with Tibor and his family in Klosterneuburg, Austria ÖHZB FCR 2409
boy, pink mark Funstuff In One Stroke „Kiro“ lives with Claudia and her family in Vösendorf, Austria ÖHZB FCR 2410
boy, red/green mark Funstuff In My Mind „Pinu“ lives with Caroline and her family in Vasoldsberg, Austria ÖHZB FCR 2411
boy, no mark Funstuff It’s Showtime „Oscar“ lives with Johannes and his family in Waldzell, Austria ÖHZB FCR 2412
girl, green mark Funstuff It Takes Two „Smilla“ lives with Zsanett in Hungary ÖHZB FCR 2413
girl, yellow mark Funstuff In a Nutshell „Milú“ lives with Michael, Maria and kids in Salzburg, Austria ÖHZB FCR 2414
girl, yellow/blue mark Funstuff In and Out „Flicka“ lives with Lyn and Larry in the UK ÖHZB FCR 2415
girl, no mark Funstuff In God’s Name „Jonna“ stays with us ÖHZB FCR 2416