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The kennel affix „Funstuff“ was confirmed by the FCI in 2004, the first Funstuff-litter was registered at the Austrian Kennel Club (ÖKV) in 2009. From 2018 on the Funstuff affix is owned by the two of us. We are:

Claudia Berchtold, located in the beautiful Wienerwald, wich is the forest in the west of Vienna. Not too far away from the city but also in the countryside.

Claudia Stark, living in the periphery of Ried im Innkreis in Upper Austria. It’s an ideal place for the life with dogs: beautiful surroundings with a lot of water, woods, meadows and space.

The puppies of all our litters are born and raised in the house with very close contact to us and our families.

All our dogs as well as the puppies of our litters are fed with raw food diet and all our puppy-buyers are provided with detailed informations and support concerning the right feeding, bringing up and training the puppies once they have left my house.

With the puppy they receive the „Funstuff“ litter-booklet wich is issued for every litter as well as the „Funstuff“ raw-food-booklet and some toys and training equipment. Both booklets are available in German and English.

In the Gallery below we hope to give you a little impression about the way we live at „Funstuff-Kennel“