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Funstuff F-Litter, DOB. 11.01.2016

4 black dogs, 4 black bitches, 1 yellow dog, 1 yellow bitch                Photo-Gallery            Weight Table

Sire F Litter

 rüdegelb (800x568) Funstuff Figure it Out „James“ lives in Mondsee with Michaela ÖHZB FCR 1936
 rüderosa (800x569) Funstuff Feel the Force „Toby“ lives in Italy with Vittoria – check out his site ÖHZB FCR 1937
 rüdeohne (800x539) Funstuff Flirt Alert „Nero“ lives in Vienna with Ines and her famliy ÖHZB FCR 1938
 rüdegrün (800x574) Funstuff Fools Rush In „Jarvis“ lives in Mödling with Anna-Elisabeth and Jürgen ÖHZB FCR 1939
 rüdegelbgelb (800x549) Funstuff Firecracker „Emil“ lives in Texing with Gudi ÖHZB FCR 1940
 hündinblau (800x575) Funstuff For Cacis „Dia“ lives in Borlänge (Sweden) with Carina and Mikael at Caci’s Kennel ÖHZB FCR 1941
 hündinrot (800x578) Funstuff Fair and Square „Bonny“ lives in Ljublana (Slovenia) with Fanc and Natalija ÖHZB FCR 1942 Hips checked and OK, no official result
 hündingrün (800x530) Funstuff Frame my Name „Agapi“ lives in Italy with Federica ÖHZB FCR 1943
 hündinohne (800x606) Funstuff Flip a Coin „Siiri“ stayed with Funstuff Family and lives with Claudia and Tom in Ried im Innkreis – of course she’s got her own site ÖHZB FCR 1944 HD-A, ED/OCD/PL 0/0
Eyes Clear inc. Gonio

16 weeks posing

16 weeks posing

 hündingelbgelb (800x548) Funstuff Fiddlesticks „Lilly“ lives with Caroline in Germany ÖHZB FCR 1945