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Funstuff A-Litter, DOB. 25.01.2009

3 dogs, 8 bitches, alle black

 Sire A Litter

ace_the_pacemaker_gross Funstuff Ace the Pacemaker – „Ace“
lives with Michi in Klagenfurt
HD-A, ED/OCD/PL: 0/0
passed on 07.10.2021
another_young_diamond_gross Funstuff Another Young Diamond – „Yasco“
lives with Sigrid and Manuel in Pregarten
HD-A, ED/OCD/PL: 0/0
Exes clear inc. Gonio
passed on 02.02.2015 due to Lyphoma
all_rights_reserved_gross Funstuff All Rights Reserved – „Joker“
lives with Michi in Großkrut
HD-A, ED/OCD: 0/0
another_tinkerbell_gross Funstuff Another Tinkerbell – „Pippit“
lives with Ernst and Martina in Eichgraben
no health results
apple_pie_gross Funstuff Apple Pie – „Athina“
lives with Andrea and Marcus in Deutschkreutz
no health results
apricot_of_saba_gross Funstuff Apricot of Saba – „Saba“
lives with Andrea and Dieter in Wien
HD-A, ED/OCD/PL: 0/0
Eyes clear, Gonio affected
amy_mae_gross Funstuff Amy Mae- „Amy“
lives with Desirée and David in Wien
HD-A, ED/OCD/PL: 0/0
passed on 01.06.2021
all_time_high_gross Funstuff All Time High – „Leeloo“
stayed with us
HD-A, ED/OCD/PL: 0/0
Eyes clear inc. Gonio (2010)
Eyes clear, Gonio affected (2012)
passed on 20.10.2018 due to hystiocytic sarcoma
anastacia_gross Funstuff Anastacia – „Anna“
lives with Bettina in Pressbaum
no health results
passed on 28.09.2021
april_thunder_gross Funstuff April Thunder – „Mira“
lives with Michael in Vienna
no health results

Funstuff A Little Tiny – „Tiny“
lives with Cathi and Jörg in Vieanna

no Hipscore (due to bad photo quality)
ED/OCD/PL: 0/0
Eyes clear inc. Gonio
Tiny passed on 20.12.2020 due to heart failure





































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