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Funstuff B-Litter, DOB 12.04.2010

4 liver dogs, 4 black dogs, 2 black bitches

Sire B Litter                                                               weightoverview

Hue_gold_Portrait ÖJCH ÖCH ÖVETCH Funstuff Bondgirl – „Oona“
stayed with us, gave birth to 2 wonderful litters
ED/OCD/PL: 0/0
Eyes clear inc. Gonio
Austrian Champion
Austrian Junior Champion
Junior Club Winnter 2011
Hue_ohne_Portrait Funstuff Beloved Binah – „Binah“
lebt bei Melanie, Michael und Alexandra in Breitenfurt
HD-A, ED/OCD/PL-frei
Primary Glaucoma in 07/2016 on one eye, Binah still has her eyesight on one eye and is fine and fit.
no further results pic
Rue_b_gelb_Portrait Funstuff Big Mac – „Bela“
Bela sadly passed away on 23.01.2012 much too early.
He is in our hearts forever.
HD-A, ED/OCD/PL: 0/0
Eyes clear inc. Gonio
Character and Abilities Test
exc1, CAC
Rue_b_gold_Portrait Funstuff Bobby Brown – „Bobby“
lives with Lety and Alejandro in Puebla, Mexico
Hips and Eyes checked in Mexico, results OK. Mexican Junior Champion
Mexican Champion
Panamerican Champion
International Champion
Rue_b_ohne_Portrait Funstuff Beowulf – „Beo“
lives with Daniela in Feldkirch
HD-A, ED/OCD-frei results pic
Rue_b_rot_Portrait CIE ÖVETCH ÖJCH ÖCH Funstuff Blade Runner – „Flynn
lebt bei Ulli, Eberhard, Hanna und Leni in Wien
HD-A, ED/OCD/PL: 0/0
Eyes clear, Gonio affected,
Gonio 40 % occlusio, 25 % laminae
Glaucoma 08/2019 on one eye, the second followed a year later – he now is completely blind but still going strong.
Austrian Junior-Champion
Austrian Champion
Junior Club Winner 2011
Club Winner 2013 and 2015
Bundessieger 2014
International Show Champion
Austrian Veteran Champion
Rue_s_gelb_Portrait Funstuff Bojangles – „Bo“
lives with Alexandra in Vienna
Eyes Clear inc. Gonio results pic
Rue_s_gold_Portrait Funstuff Bull’s Eye – „Ruffy“
lives with Marcus and Michaela in Seyring
HD-A, ED/OCD: 0/0
2015: Gonio Laminae 60 %
Retriever Basic Test 1 excellent 06/2011
Retriever Basic Test 2 good 11/2011
Retriever Basic Test 3 07/2012
Character and Abilities Test 25.08.2012
Cacib-Oberwart 2012, vg3
Rue_s_ohne_Portrait Funstuff Boogie Woogie – „Boomer“
lives with Sandra and Wolfgang in Rankweil
HD-A, ED/OCD-frei
Goniodysgenensis, Primary Glaucoma
Boomer lost one eye in May 2012 at the age of 2 and the second one at the age of 6 on 28th Oct. 2016. He sadly now is completely blind. Boomer passed away in 2019 at the age of 9 years. He was another victim of cancer.
results pic
Rue_s_rot Funstuff Bombastic – „Cléo“
lives with Marie and Siegfried im Burgenland
no health results results pic
Engsboda Toulouse Lautrec S VCH SUCH FIUCH Almanza Napoleon Bonaparte NUCH NORDUCH INTUCH Comics Sergio Tacchini Hinnared’s Mutter
Comics Brasilia
S VCH NORDUCH Almanza Lapin Kulta S VCH SUCH FIUCH Ryegate’s Beer Built This Body
Almanza For Heavens Sake
NORCUCH INTUCH Almanza Pleasure N’play NORDUCH Almanza Roundabout SUCH FIUCH Inkwells Patric Partridge
SU(U)UCH Almanza Russian Roulette
NUCH Almanza Playing With Fire NUCH GBCH Cariena’s Thirtyfour-Four
Almanza Exotic Fruit Daiquiri
Neala’s Diamond Tinkerbell VDH/DRC CH Schwz. CH Tarpilens Sogno di Cioccolata Caci’s Hell of a Lot NUCH GBCH Cariena’s Thirtyfour-Four
NORDUCH INTUCH DKUCH Almanza Heaven or Hell
Tarpilens Artemis NUCH Cariena’s Fifteen-Eight
Keka’s Nina Ricci
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