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Funstuff D-Litter, DOB. 03.02.2015

2 black dogs, 5 black bitches    Pedigree             Photo-Gallery             Weight Table

Sire D Litter 

"Funstuff Double Doutch" - rose mark

„Funstuff Double Doutch“ – rose mark

Funstuff Double Doutch „Yoda“ lives with Natalie, Johannes and Benjamin in Katzelsdorf ÖHZB FCR 1816
PRA/HC/RD/Gonio-clear 04/2016
HD-A, ED/OCD clear
PL 0/0
BH-Prüfung (Basic Obedience Test)

"Funstuff Daydream Believer" - no mark

„Funstuff Daydream Believer“ – no mark

Funstuff Daydream Believer „Astor“ lives with Barbara and her family in Pitten ÖHZB FCR 1817
HD-A, ED/OCD clear
PRA/RD/Gonio clear 04/2016
HC corticalis

"Funstuff Dear Darlin'" - red mark

„Funstuff Dear Darlin'“ – red mark

Funstuff Dear Darlin‘ „Phoebe“ lives with Sigrid and her family in Pregarten ÖHZB FCR 1818
HD-A, ED/OCD-clear
PRA/HC/RD/Gonio-clear 04/2016

bitch_green_head (530x800) (2)

Funstuff Do Wah Diddy „Bokshi“ – green mark

Funstuff Do Wah Diddy „Bokshi“ lives with Marion and her family in Vienna ÖHZB FCR 1819

"Funstuff Desert Rose" - purple mark

„Funstuff Desert Rose“ – purple mark

Funstuff Desert Rose „Taffy“ lives with Olga and her family in Vienna ÖHZB FCR 1820
HD-A, ED/OCD clear

"Funstuff Darlin' Pretty" - no mark

„Funstuff Darlin‘ Pretty“ – no mark

Funstuff Darlin‘ Pretty „Lola“ lives with Kathi in Vienna ÖHZB FCR 1821
PRA/RD/Gonio-clear 04/2016
HC corticalis

"Funstuff Do or Die" - blue mark

„Funstuff Do or Die“ – blue mark

Funstuff Do or Die „Lia“ lives with Walter and his Family in Steinhaus ÖHZB FCR 1822
HD-A, ED/OCD-clear
PL 0/0