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Funstuff J-Litter is planned for spring 2021

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After quite a while we are now again planning another litter here at Funstuff in Lower Austria, Tulbingerkogel. The plan is to breed Kate „Funstuff High Five“ to Jamie „Multi-CH Moonstruck Make Some Noise„.

In those difficult and complicated times of the pandemic we a happy to have this lovely boy here in Austria because travelling can be quite complicated. Jamie is not only a nice looking typical Flatcoat but also – and that’s very important – an excellent working dog who passed the Basic Hunting Test of the Austrian Retriever Club on the first attempt. As Kate (see picture below) also has a very nice working temperament, we hope for a lovely litter of only black puppies full of typical Flatcoat temperament and working abilities. The mating is planned for End of April 2021, so if everything goes as expected, Funstuff J-litter will be born in June 2021.