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geb. 19.04.2013
Owned by Christian Gollobich
HD-A, ED/OCD/PL-free
Eyes clear inc. Gonio
ICCA affected 2019
ÖRC-Character Test
ÖRC Working Test E
JBP/R (Basic Hunting Test with Blood Track)
ÖRC Breeding-Permission

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Choco is a son and the litter-brother of our sweet Sheena out of Oona’s first litter after Mulit-CH WW-13 Caci’s Win-A-Latte. Choco lives with Christian and is a very soft and devoted dog, he is regularly used for practical hunting.

Christian and Choco have developed into a very nice team and I hope they will contiue to have so much fun together.

Choco is at stud for approved bitches. If you are interested to use him, please contact me. Update 03/2019: Choco developed ICAA and therefore is not at stud any more. He remains the beloved hunting companion of his master anyway.