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geb. 19.04.2013
Owned by Christian Gollobich
HD-A, ED/OCD/PL-free
Eyes clear inc. Gonio
ICCA affected 2019
ÖRC-Character Test
ÖRC Working Test E
JBP/R (Basic Hunting Test with Blood Track)
ÖRC Breeding-Permission

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Choco is a son and the litter-brother of our sweet Sheena out of Oona’s first litter after Mulit-CH WW-13 Caci’s Win-A-Latte. Choco lives with Christian and is a very soft and devoted dog, he is regularly used for practical hunting.

Christian and Choco have developed into a very nice team and I hope they will contiue to have so much fun together.

Choco is at stud for approved bitches. If you are interested to use him, please contact me. Update 03/2019: Choco developed ICAA and therefore is not at stud any more. He remains the beloved hunting companion of his master anyway.

End of September 2021 Choco’s health started deteriorating rapidly and after a check at the vets the devastating diagnosis was Bone Cancer – Christian had no choice than letting him go. Farewell, Choco ❤