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Team Funstuff, that’s Claudia, Christopher, Lena and me.

I first met Claudia when she bought „Funstuff Big Mac“ Bela and she was the best puppybuyer you can ever imagine. I have never experienced a person learning so quickly until she became a responsible part of my kennel. She now owns some of my breeding bitches, helps me with training the dogs, presents them at dog-shows in Austria and abroad. She is a specialist for raw food diet and of course all our dogs and litters are fed according to her plans. She is a perfect photographer and most of the photos on this site are by her. She just is a part of us.


Christopher Orthacker mit PennyChristopher has been into Retrievers since he was a child and was mentored by the great Ann Woodcock (Stanroph Kennel). I admire his knowledge about standard conformation, his clear view for balance in a dog and the fact that he is (almost) always right. He is a real showman and owns our treasure Penny „ÖJCH EUJW-13 CJS-13 BJS-13 VHD-FS-14 CS-14 Caci’s Love-Letter to Vienna“. He presents her to her best and she won all her titles beeing showed by him. But that’s not all: he is a perfect trainer for shows and working trials and when it comes to grooming the dogs he does it just perfectly.

Thank you Claudia and Christopher for your help, your friendship and for your respect. I truly think that all three of us are the same kind of crazy … And that’s why „Funstuff“ is fun-stuff with you.

dsc_0186-800x530Lena, we call her „Leni“, is the daughter of Ulli and Eberhard, puppy-buyers and friends of our family.

Leni owns and trains her two boys Cooper „ÖJCH CJS-14 BJS-14 Funstuff Cold Cappucino-Latte“ and Flynn „ÖJCH ÖCH CS-13 BS-14 Funstuff Blade Runner“. Both of them won nearly all their titles beeing showed by her. During the last years she developed into a skillful handler of all our dogs if necessary.

She also looks after the puppies from our litters when she has time . Her greatest feature is her calm, always friendly and very polite temper wich is appreciated by both, dogs and humans 🙂

About me
I grew up with dogs but the first dog I really owned (and who definitely owned me) came into my life in 1998 with Flat Coated Retriever Ben „ÖCH ÖVetCH Black Boy of Fridolin’s Flat“. Soon the second dog followed and I made first experiences at dogshows and working trials.I passed my hunting license in 2007 and since then also use my dogs for practical hunting from time to time.
2009 and 2010 I bred my first Flat Coated Retriever litters out of my Swiss foundation bitch „ÖJCH ÖCH Neala’s Diamond Tinkerbell“. Her granddaughter Sheena „ÖCH ÖJCH BJS-14 VDH-ES 15 Funstuff Creamy Vanilla-Latte“ as well as Penny „ÖJCH EUJW-13 BJS-13 VDH-FS-14 CS-14 Caci’s Love-Letter to Vienna“ who rushed into our lives like a storm in 2012 are the base of my breeding stock.

My dogs – four Flatcoats at the moment – live with me in the house and so do the puppies of all my litters. My other breeding bitches and studdogs live with friends and I see them regularly.

photos by Rahel Keller

I was member of the committee of the Austrian Retriever Club from 2003 until 2016, first as a Show secretary and from 2006 until 2016 I was responsible for the breeding of Flat Coated-, Chesapeake Bay-, Curly Coated- and Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers in the Club.

In 2006 I became judge for character and abilities tests for retrievers and in 2011  I became FCI Show judge. I am now entitled to award CACIB  for all Retriever breeds, all Spaniel breeds and for Lagotto Romagnolo.

Before my daughters Nina (2006) and Emma (2010) were born, I worked as  a software supporter and network administrator. Now – as I want to work at home – I do bookkeeping, HR-management, a bit of webdesign and some other projects from time to time. I always find something interesting to do 🙂

I love showing and working my dogs, I love to live with them as my family pets; but what I love most – actually – is talking and discussing the breed standards and breeding strategies. For me the most important thing in life is to be honest, fair, tolerant and to never stop learning.