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DOB 25.02.2018
Flat Coated Retriever ÖHZB FCR2216
owned by Claudia Berchtold
HD-A, ED-0, OCD clear, PL 0/0 24.02.2021
black (BBEE, doesn’t carry liver or yellow)
Eyes clear including ICAA 24.02.2021, 06.03.2023
BH-Prüfung (Basic obedience Test)
ÖRC Basic Test for Retrievers (ZTF) 10.10.2021

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Zoey is another daughter of our Superstar Penny „CIE ÖCH ÖJCH EUJW-13 BJS-13 CJS-13 VDH-FS-14 CS-14, 15 Caci’s Love-Letter to Vienna“ and litter-sister to our Kate „Funstuff High Five“. She lived with her owner for nearly 3 years but then came back to us because of the change of life-circumstances that made it impossible to keep her. Zoey came back to us and now is a dearly loved member of our family here at Funstuff near Vienna. Zoey is as biddable and quickly learning as her sister Kate but with an a bit finer and more feminine approach to life 😉. As it’s so much fun, I work her regularly and – who knows – we might participate at some dogshows as well.