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Csini is a chocolate Labrador girl, she came to join our family on 27.01.2019. We don’t know her Pedigree or her correct age. She was rescued as one of 25 poor Labradors by the Retriever Rescue Organisation in Hungary from a „breeder“ who neglected the dogs that were trusted to him. Csini was underweight, had a heart worm and had obviously had some litters already.

Being a breeder – to us – doesn’t mean to increase the number of dogs on this planet, it means to preserve the pure breeds we love. But – to us – breeding dogs is not a contradiction to animal welfare, the very opposite is the case and we feel with those poor and threatened dogs that have no loving homes.

Actually another Labrador girl – Evita – was supposed to join us, but she didn’t survive the mistreatment she had to experience. Of course our hearts go out to her but the Retriever Rescue Organisation in Hungary decided to entrust us with our treasure Csini. Even though she must have experienced hell on earth she never lost faith and is the bravest little girl you can imagine. She decided to give us humans another chance and we are decided to be worth of her dedication. She will be our spoiled and most loved pet here at Funstuff.

We want to take the opportunity to thank all our friends – you know who you are – for their support in this case. And if you like to support the Hungarian Retriever Rescue Organisation, please adress to Fruzsina Bagi.