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DOB 25.02.2018
Flat Coated Retriever ÖHZB FCR2217
owned by Claudia Stark
HD-A, ED-0, OCD clear, PL 0/0 07.08.2019
Black, doesn’t carry liver, carries yellow BBEe
Eyes clear including ICAA 07.08.2019
ÖRC Basic Test for Retrievers (ZTF) 17.07.2020
ÖRC Breeding Permission

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Kate is another daughter of our Superstar Penny „CIE ÖCH ÖJCH EUJW-13 BJS-13 CJS-13 VDH-FS-14 CS-14, 15 Caci’s Love-Letter to Vienna“, she lives with me and my family near Vienna. As Kate is out of Pennys second litter, we have high hopes for her influence on future Funstuff generations. My special thanks go to my best friend Claudia who took Kate with her for some weeks just after we picked her to help with socialising and of course she took many beautiful photos as you can see below.