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Show Results of Oona „ÖJCH CJS-11 Funstuff Bondgirl“

29.09.2019 CACIB Tulln, A
Veteran Class, Judge: Tina Angrell, SE
exc1, Best Veteran

28.09.2019 CACIB Tulln, A
Veteran Class, Judge: Yvonne Jaussi, CH
exc1, Best Veteran

08.12.2018 CACIB Wels, A
Veteran Class, Judge: Daila Rocchi, HRV
exc1, Best Veteran
„8,5 years, very nice type, balanced bitch, still in a very good condition and shape, good head, lovely neck, nice shoulder with lovely forechest, good bone, correct ribs, loin and back angulation, very nice coat and beautiful side movement with plenty of reach and drive, excellent temperament“

09.04.2016 CACIB Salzburg, A
Open Class, Judge: Phyllis Poduschka-Aigner, A
exc1, CACA, ResCACIB

06.12.2015 CACIB Wels, A
Open Class, Judge: Borge Espeland, NO

05.12.2015 CACIB Wels, A
Open Class, Judge: Lena Hägglund, SE

25.08.2014 CACIB Innsbruck, A
Open Class, Judge: Beate Ting, GER

15.06.2014 CACIB Klagenfurt, A
Open Class, Judge: Bojan Matakovic, HR
exc 1, CACA, ResCACIB

14.06.2014 CACIB Klagenfurt, A
Open Class, Judge: Petra Bannach, D
exc 1, CACA

31.05.2014 ÖRC-Clubshow Grafenegg, A
Open Class, Judge: Jim Richardson, GB
exc 2, ResCACA

17.05.2014 CACIB Wieselburg, A
Open Class, Judge: Günther Ehrenreich, A
exc 3

10.05.2014 CACIB Dortmund, D
Open Class, Judge: Walter Schicker, D
exc 1, CAC

09.05.2014 VDH Europasieger Show Dortmund
Open Class, Judge: Lena Hägglund, S
exc 3

05.04.2014 IHA-Salzburg, A
Open Class, Judge: Petr Studenik, SZ
exc 3

08.03.2014 IHA-Graz, A
Open Class, Judge: Anette Nielsen, S
exc 3

08.12.2013 IHA-Wels, A
Open Class, Judge: Bertil Lundgren, S
exc 2, ResCACA

07.12.2013 IHA-Wels, A
Open Class, Judge: Theo Leenen, B

09.12.2012 IHA-Wels, A
Open Class, Judge: Eva Nielsen, S
VG 3

08.12.2012 IHA-Wels, A
Open Class, Judge: Elsbeth Clerc, CH
exc 2, Res. CACA

30.09.2012 ÖRC NÖ-Trophy
Open Class, Judge: Jan Roger Sauge, NO
exc 2, Res. CACA

29.09.2012 IHA Tulln, A
Open Class, Judge: Ann Yuhasz, USA
VG 2

12.08.2012 IHA Innsbruck, A
Open Class, Judge: Robert Lane, GB
exc 4

11.08.2012 IHA Innsbruck, A
Open Class, Judge: Sandra Lane, GB
exc 3

14.07.2012 IHA Oberwart, A
Open Class, Judge: Dr. Tamas Jakkel, H
exc 2, Res. CACA

26.06.2012 IHA Klagenfurt, A
Open Class, Judge: Maria Hutsteiner, A
exc 1, CACA, CACIB

19.05.2012 World Club Winner Show Anif, A
Open Class, Judge: Claudio de Giuliani, I
exc 2, Res. CACA

18.05.2012 World Dog Show Salzburg, A
Open Class, Judge: Barbara Müller, CH

17.05.2012 Clubshow Aigen, A
Open Class, Judge: Maureen Scott, GB

25.02.2012 IHA-Graz 2012, A
Intermediate Class, Judge: Darko Korosec, SLO
exc 1, CACA, CACIB

„excellent overall impression, sound strong body, typical feminine head with excellent expression, excellent forequarters and hindquarters full of muscles, excellent angulated, strong deep chest and strong firm loins, excellent coat, excellent movement.“

25.09.2011 ÖRC NÖ-Trophy, A
Intermediate Class, Judge: Guy Jeavons, CAN
exc 2, ResCACA

24.09.2011 IHA Tulln, A,
Intermediate Class, Judge: Monika Blaha, A
exc 1, CACA, ResCACIB

„17 Monate alte schwarze Hündin, gute Größe uns Substanz, gut geschnittener Kopf,
guter Hals, tiefe Brust, sehr gute obere und untere Linie, gut gewinkelt,
ausreichende Knochenstärke, sehr schlichtes Haarkleid, korrekt im Kommen und Gehen.“

24.08.2011 – Confirmation of the title „AUSTRIAN JUNIOR CHAMPION“ by the Austrian Kennel Club

16.07.2011 IHA Oberwart, A,
Junior Class, Judge: Ingrid Grill, A
e3xc 1, Best Junior

19.06.2011 IHA Klagenfurt, A
Junior Class, Judge: Keith Young, GB
exc 3

„Excellent type, with a pleasing outline, attractive feminine head with a kindly
dark eye, good topline and stifle, moved correctly, unfortunatly lacking in coat

18.06.2011 IHA Klagenfurt, A
Junior Class, Judge: Luis Pinto Teixeira, P

02.06.2011 Clam – ÖRC Clubshow, A
Junior Class, Judge: Dr. Ruth Barbour, GB
exc1, Best Junior, CJS-11

„Exellent, lovely youngster, really typical in outline, lovely head and expression,
good neck running into exellent shoulder, good topline, short coupled, moved
well in profile and back, needs more coat to complete the picture, and perhaps
could have a little more bone, but really nice outline!“

21.05.2011 IHA Salzburg, A,
Junior Class, Judge: Mag. Sigrid Hauptmann, A
exc1, Best Junior

26.09.2010 Katzelsdorf – ÖRC NÖ-Trophy ,
Puppy Class, Judge: Carina Östmann, S

„Very feminin pretty head, perfect neck and top line, a little bit slooping tail set,
very good angulated in front and back, excellent body coat, good bone, moving
nicly from all side. Very promising puppy.“