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Funstuff K-litter, exciting news

On Januar 22, 2022, Posted by , In News, With No Comments

On 19.01.2022 our sweet „Zoey“ Funstuff Hula Hoop met this handsome guy „Svenny“ MultiJCH MultiCH Caci’s Just Need Sweets in „puppy business“ 😉🥰


It was freezing cold but everything went exactly as it should. Thank you, Laura and Patrik for the perfect organisation so that I could go there and back in the shortest possible time.

Now we need to be patient (yay 🤪) and wait some time until we know if this perfect meeting was successful.

The photo of Svenny was taken by the exceptional Anna Szabó.

For more information about this exciting combination, please have a look at the K-litter site.

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