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Happy 8 weeks, Funstuff J-litter!

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Happy 8 weeks, Funstuff J-litter!

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Yesterday our sweet puppies were 8 weeks old and now are slowly but surely leaving! The last weeks are always a challenge for us as breeders because the little doggies need more and more attention and also a bit of training. So whe have another last update of the weight table and many new photos in the gallery.

They were checked, microchipped and vaccinated by our vet Gerhard and we made another party-trip to Sonjas place. As it’s rather hot sometimes, the little ones sleep a lot in their puppy run in the garden during the day and therefore seem to be rather active at night and can’t really sleep due to the heat. So now there’s some air condition in the puppy run for the night. In addition we drive to a small field close to our house where we take very short walks with them every evening when the weahter is dry.

Claudia was here to visit us and we made some standing pictures as well as the final decisions about the future owners. This also caused the fact that the red girl „Funstuff Jumanji“, we call her „Pepper“ (see photo below) now is available again. We wish for the best and active home where she can live up to her great talent, lovely look and very outgoing and nosy temperament. She’s a true brave heart in a small body and we would like to keep her close. If you can give her the best life, don’t hesitate to contact us.

girl red – Funstuff Jumanji „Pepper“

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