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Happy 1 week, Funstuff J-litter

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Happy 1 week, Funstuff J-litter

On Juni 29, 2021, Posted by , In News, With No Comments

Already one week since our sweet J-litter puppies were born. Everybody’s fine and doing great. The puppies are calm and sleeping most of the time.  Mom Kate is looking after them very carefully. There’s no need at all to encourage her to clean or feed them, she has very good instincts and at the same time is very relaxed. I don’t remember any of my bitches being so effective as a mother. I am truly proud of her.

Nina and Emma love the little ones and help me  a lot 💕

There are some new photos in the gallery and the weight table was updated today.

Way to go, Funstuff J-litter puppies!


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