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CIE Funstuff Blade Runner „Flynn“ developed Glaucoma

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CIE Funstuff Blade Runner „Flynn“ developed Glaucoma

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As breeders we have the duty to inform everybody who may be concerned and/or interested about the fact that this beautiful and sweet guy CIE ÖJCH ÖCH ÖVetCH Funstuff Blade Runner „Flynn“ developed glaucoma.

Flynn is the 3rd dog of the lovely Funstuff B-litter (LP1 LP2 Engsboda Toulouse Lautrec X CH Neala’s Diamond Tinkerbell) to develop glaucoma after Funstuff Boogie Woogie „Boomer“ (glaucoma on one eye with 2 years after an accident, second eye at the age of 6,5 – he is completely blind now but still doing fine) and Funstuff Beloved Binah owned by Melanie Hirschl(Binah developed glaucoma at the age of 6,5 – one eye was removed and she’s doing fine at the moment). Binah also was the reason why – years ago – we decided not to continue breeding with our dogs from those lines.

Flynn has been most affected with ICAA (Iridocorneal angle abnormality) from his first eye-check on and therefore never was at stud. Now at the age of 9,5 years he eventually developed glaucoma. His eye will be removed next wednesday.

Our heartfelt thanks go to Lena and her family: for your friendship, for your trust, for keeping Flynn in such a beautiful condition and looking after him with so much love and care.

We decided to make this information public because we always publish everything: the good and the bad news and today – sadly – we have bad news.

Please click here for Flynn’s site.

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