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Leeloo „Funstuff All Time High“ 25.01.2009 – 22.10.2018

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Leeloo „Funstuff All Time High“ 25.01.2009 – 22.10.2018

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Leeloo, lovingly called „Lee“ started limping in summer 2018 and on 5th September 2018 she was diagnosed with inoperable histiocytic sarkoma in the tissue behind the shoulderblade. She fought bravely and stayed with us for further five and a half weeks until her pain became too much and I had to send her back to the rainbow bridge.

Leeloo was not showed due to her teeth problems and also due to the fact that her conformation for my opinion was not typical enough. However she was my shadow, my beloved pet, my lively working girl. She was always by my side, faithful and happy. It was hard but necessary to let her go. She will be sadly missed.

„Beloved dogs do not die, they lie down to rest and sleep in our hearts …“

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